Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Each year, the Twin Rivers Homeowners Association Board of Directors passes a resolution allowing Twin Rivers Community Trust’s Maintenance staff to mow, fertilize, and apply weed control treatments to private front lawns. In order for the Trust to effectively maintain nearly 2000 front lawns, most of which abut to parking lots, owners must keep their lawns unobstructed. Homeowners who have installed fencing, decorative stone, flower beds, ornamental species, etc., on front lawns must do so with the understanding that they will assume responsibility for the maintenance of these elements, as well as mowing. The Trust will not mow such lawns. To ensure that your lawn will be mowed on schedule, please be sure that sprinklers, hoses, and downspout extensions are removed from lawns in preparation for mowing.

Landscape Maintenance Seasonal Calendar

Winter - Early spring

Winter is one of the most important times for the preparation of spring and summer planting and projects. Weeding, edging, and mulching of tree/shrub beds on common grounds, as well as pruning of dormant ornamental trees/shrubs occur as needed.

Twin Rivers Community Maintenance staff collect branches, sweet gum tree seedpods & winter leaves to keep streets, lots, and common walkways clear. Any damage created by snowplows on turf is remedied.
Our mechanic team focus on the repair and upkeep of mowers, plows, and all other equipment to ensure a seamless transition into spring.
The collection of spring leaf-drop is the last of our winter projects before spring programs begin.


Spring is our busiest time, where the wintertime preparations are implemented to keep our community looking healthy and green. It is the beginning of our weekly mowing schedule, sidewalk edging, and street and lot sweeping.
Planning & planting of flowers in common area beds.
The common ground irrigation system is turned on after disuse in the winter months.


Irrigation systems are used to preserve the health and growth of turf on common ground.
Our staff continues to prune trees & shrubs in order to maintain healthy growth and uniformity.


Fall leaf cleanup begins as the mowing season ends. All areas are cleaned, multiple times, in a rotation. Weather conditions and leaf volume will effect the length of time between cleanups. Reseeding of common ground turf as needed.
Street and parking lot sweeping ends as leaves fall.

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