Snow Removal

Snow Emergency Procedures

In order for the Twin Rivers Maintenance Staff to remove snow safely and efficiently, we ask for the cooperation and patience from our 10,000+ residents. Twin Rivers contains nearly seven miles of private roadway, over 100 parking lots, and more than twenty miles of sidewalk to clear during winter weather. It is essential, then, that everyone take note of the following information.

For emergencies, call police, fire, and rescue squad at 911.

Please be advised: Twin Rivers Drive, Twin Rivers Drive North, Probasco Road, Abbington Drive, and Lake Drive are East Windsor Township Roads. Therefore, Twin Rivers Community Trust is not responsible for snow removal on these streets. 

Snow plowing schedule:

  1. Trust-owned roads
  2. Parking lot aisles.
  3. Emergency access lanes
  4. Main common walkways
  5. Parking spaces will be cleared in parking lot order rotation when enough vehicles have moved out of the lot to allow for safe and efficient snow removal.

Do not shovel the snow back into the parking lot.
Please remove snow from around your car onto the surrounding lawn or parking lot island. Please refrain from simply shoveling snow back into the parking aisle. There are 137 parking lots in Twin Rivers that are addressed in a rotating schedule; therefore, it may be quite some time before we return to plow that lot again.

When it snows, hold your trash.
Please hold all trash/recycling/garden debris until the snow has stopped and the walkways have been cleared. Our plow operators will not be able to see bags of refuse under the snow, and our walkways cannot be plowed if there are obstacles. When trash gets plowed into snow it makes for an awful mess! The Trust Office will alert the community if/when trash/recycling/garden debris collection has been postponed due to weather.

On the Detached home roadways, vehicles must park on the sidewalk side of the street.
(Overton, Pennington, Robertson, Hebron & Enfield Roads)
Residents should park on the sidewalk side of the street when it is snowing; otherwise you will get plowed in, and the road will not be properly cleared. Our detached home streets have sidewalks on one side of the street, therefore, we plow the snow the other way! It makes clearing the sidewalks much easier and there is less snow to shovel for residents who park their vehicles on the street.

Keep an eye on ice caused by your sump pump discharge.
Any resident who has a sump pump line that is pumping water onto a walkway or into a parking lot should be aware of the subsequent ice accumulation. These residents should spread ice melt on their ice to prevent slip and falls. If someone should fall and file a lawsuit due to ice generated by a sump pump, the owner of the sump line will be enjoined with the law suit.

Please note: Most, if not all homes with sump pump problems have already been warned through a citation by the Trust for sump pump discharge violations in their bi-annual architectural inspection reports.

Salt and Sand;
During winter weather events of less than two (2) inches, sand and salt applications to roads, parking lots and sidewalks will occur as needed.

Trust Maintenance staff and snow contractors:

No Gratuities.
Do not offer money to Twin Rivers Trust employees or Trust private contractors to clear snow from areas not designated by the Trust Office. They are not allowed to deviate from the snowplow schedule. If you have any questions, please call the Trust Office at (609) 443-1113. We will alert our Facilities Department if there are any common areas that require an immediate attention.

No calling dibs, shotty, or placing items in spots to reserve open parking spaces.
Trust employees and/or contractors will not get out of vehicle to remove articles left by a resident to reserve a cleared parking space. That activity will postpone the clearing of the lot until articles are removed. Reserving open spots in this fashion is not an authorized activity.

We thank you for your cooperation and be safe!

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