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Request For Exterior Work

Design Review Department— Request for Exterior Work form

Any repair, replacement, installation, modification or change to the exterior of the property requires approval in writing from the Trust Office, prior to work commencing.

Approval is acquired by submitting a ‘Request for Exterior Work’ form to the Design Review department.  Do not begin exterior repairs before you have this approval. Per Resolution 2019-03, a $50 charge, per attribute, will be charged to the residence’s account for work done without approval.

When using a contractor,  the contractor’s signature is required on the ‘Request for Exterior Work’ form, acknowledging and agreeing to follow architectural standards.  The homeowner is responsible to provide the applicable standards to the contractor.  The architectural standards can be found here.

Residents of Lake Condominiums, Avon I or II Condominiums, or American Way Condominiums must contact your individual Condominium Association Board and/or Management Company for association requirements and approval.

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The following do not require the submission of a ‘Request for Exterior Work’ form

• Tree Trimming

• Power washing that is being done because the owner desires it, and not because of an inspection report

 For all other work, wait for approval